Overdue Designer Obsession: Katie Eary

This year has been a great one: from watching emerging trends to discovery of this amazing gem. It was an unexpected, but a pleasant discovery. Katie Eary is my inspiration of the year.

She took street fashion and twisted it with luxury. Skating and roaming around the streets never looked so glamorous. The best part is that Eary designs still have that raw edge. No matter how many furs are piled up on top of crocodile leather, it’s still very wearable and fits right in place that pop culture had open for her.

The video demonstrates that and more. I need not say more

Katie Eary A/W 2012 directed by Vicky Lawton

Her SS 13 Collection is on a lighter note with baroque prints meshed with marine motifs.



Of course there’s something for the women as well


See her full SS13 Collection here

One day I hope to pull some of her garments for one of my shoots. It would be the best styling experience ever. Until then, I, among many others will scream of joy at my computer screen.


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