Must-Download Fashion Apps

Being a social media junkie, I’ve been doing a little research on fashion companies that are going mobile. Some are from Silicon Valley and others from New York. Of course, they’re mostly technology companies, but the types of services they provide is just stellar. When I stumble on a new company, I download and test their app out of curiosity. Reviews don’t do it for me – I have to feel it out for myself. So here are some of apps that I enjoyed:



 The Collection

A clean beautifully designed app by The New York Times that showcases imagery and articles from street to runway to beauty. I love the fact that it is heavy on the visuals. Sometimes I have days where I just want to look at pictures, instead of reading the whole articles and with this app I have that choice. Their content is curated very well and can easily become your fashion read go-to place. Check it out




A cool spin on the virtual closet – a digital thrift shop. You can post up items from your closet that you simply don’t wear anymore. Using Poshmark you can just sell your item and instead buy something you love. Why hold on to things you don’t use? Recycling your closet is now easier than ever, especially with the virtual shopping parties that Poshmark community members set up. They’re themed so if you’re selling a Cocktail Dress, it’s best to find a Cocktail Dress themed party to increase your chances of selling it. Love this idea and application




This app is not solely a fashion app, but it has to do with shopping and features Gap, H&M, Target, Sephora and Nordstrom. Shopkick builds a bridge between social and brick-and-mortar stores. You earn reward points, or “kicks”, for walking inside, scanning curated items and making purchases at participating stores. Your collected points can then be redeemed for some cool gifts. I am starting to love the ding sound when I earn kicks! Get it on Itunes



 Flit Shopping

Another shopping app, but this one is just great for online buys. Flit is an iPad app that compiles all the online shopping sites into one space and allows you to smoothly browse from one to another. When you find an item you like you can “cute” it and it will save into your own folder. Now that’s when it gets really fun! You can compare up to three items you cuted at once on your screen and choose which one you like best, and last but not least, purchase it. I found the perfect black clutch in a day via Flit, after shopping around for one three months straight. It also has other cool features like asking a friend to help you compare, explore popular cutes and etc. Try it for yourself


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  1. These are great! I’ve been reading that a lot of MBA’s are now starting to join up with fashion companies to work on their online presence…. I’m thinking this is a part of the industry that’s going to be exploding in the future!

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