Menswear: Breath of Fresh Air

I’ve never followed menswear as heavily as I follow womenswear during Fashion Weeks. The reason is simple: majority of the clothes are similar to one another. As Katie Eary said,

“Cannot wait to get the f**k out of Paris. Same every season! im a designer get me out of here!” on Twitter.

I shared the same frustration. And after a while, you just stop paying attention. That is until you see this:



Katie Eary‘s collection set tone for what’s new fresh and exciting. It sure does have a dark fall-winter-wear feel, but the patterns bring a whole twist that isn’t expected on the runway for the season. However, she is not the one only who brought A game on the runway.

Kris Van Assche‘s collection screams for attention. He did show in Paris, but stood out in a whole new light.

All I have to say is – sportswear! Literally.





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2 responses to “Menswear: Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Great wrap-up, love the sportswear influence!

  2. Follow me and i’ll follow you 🙂 :

    really like your blog by the way


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