On Michael Kors & Originality

As fashion circles around to our favorite eras – the roaring 20’s, the rock & roll 50’s, the disco 70’s – we get to see reinterpretations of well known designs without the limits of copywrite laws. Free culture of fashion allows the style to live everlastingly: give us a break and make us fall in love again. Although that is a prized aspect of the industry, it isn’t without drawbacks.

Nonexistence of patents in fashion opens doors for brands to knock off others designs. However, the true fashion lovers note the copycats. Like a fashion photographer Kimisa Hao, who put together a matching game to reveal Michael Kors “original” designs’ stark similarities to the likes of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Céline, and Martin Margiela among others.

But how much of the design is actually copied? Sometimes just the silhouette, other times every single detail. Look for yourself here. Match Michael Kors cards to other designers and then you can judge for yourself.

Michael Kors Matching game copycat designs


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