San Francisco Boutique Shopping

There’s a new way to shop San Francisco boutiques all in one place. You don’t have to go on an all-day adventure to pick up a outfit, and then accessories on the other side of SF. You can lounge in your favorite chair and shop local boutiques online via Boutiika.

Ugh the downfall of shopping online..I also hate waiting for my order to ship, because by the time it gets to my house, my shopping excitement is already over. But guess what, with Boutiika you receive your goodies within hours. If you place an order by noon, with Dash Delivery you will get it anywhere in San Francisco before 5 p.m. Other than satisfying your impatience, it’s perfect for fashion emergencies when you have an evening event and nothing to wear. They sell anything from clothes to home goods to accessories.

I got this cute handmade clutch by Peggy Wolf from Half Hitched Goods through them and I love love it.

Peggy is a fashion illustrator from Germany. She is a one talented artist and since I cannot get one of her original illustrations yet, I got her handmade clutch with bright yellow pattern. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on her amazing art piece called Glamour.


P.S. The Dash Delivery is free this week until August 31st. Don’t miss out!


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