Cakeland: Bite At Your Own Risk

Scrolling through past exhibitions at Spoke Art, an SF gallery space, I saw something I couldn’t take my eyes off. An artist who showed in May 2013 left me staring at the screen and asking myself 21 questions.

When you think of a sculpture, a tasty decorated cake is not one of the things that comes to mind, and most certainly not a cake in a shape of a gun or with teeth and daggers coming out of it. I had to search for answers, so step one was to find out who Scott Hove is.

Gun Cake by Scott Hove, Bad Hostess sculpture, Oakland art, San Francisco artist, SF art scene, cake decoration, Cakeland

Scott Hove “Bad Hostess” sculpture $2,800.00 USD

Scott Hove, Announcement cake sculpture, Cakeland, Oakland artist, San Francisco art gallery, SF art, cake decoration

Scott Hove “Announcement” cake sculpture

Scott is an Oakland-based sculpture artist who started experimenting with Cakeland concept in 2005. Although his sculptures looks tasty, they’re not edible. He uses variety of acrylic gels to get it to look like icing and decorates the “cake” with a traditional icing bags. Besides the cake sculptures, there is a pink frosted labyrinth with cherries, orange slices and hell pits. Walking through Cakeland is an uncanny experience – you can’t help but want to take a bite of the walls surrounding you. The space is very narrow and you are almost hitting the decorations with each step you take deeper and deeper into the world of Scott Hove.


It was a pleasure meeting Scott Hove; he was laid back and humble, and the style and scale of his work seems contradictory to his personality. In a sense it is his alter ego – a deep inner darkness – which enthralls and pulls you in. All in all, Cakeland is a must see if given the opportunity. It will take you out of your element and place you into a surreal world of killer taste buds.

Scott Hove, Bad Hostess sculpture, Oakland art, San Francisco artist, SF art scene, cake decoration, Cakeland, sculptor

Scott Hove at the Cakeland studio with his pup

If you want to visit the infamous Cakeland space, email Scott at & request an appointment. If you’re lucky enough he’ll just invite you in! Make sure you follow him on Facebook for updates on new work and exhibitions.

Pink ‘Announcement’ cake and Cakeland photo courtesy of Scott Hove


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