Office Overperformance: Rob Prideaux

Don’t you wish that one day when you get to work, your office supplies would start doing your work for you. Well that’s one great idea, but there’s also super supplies that help you do your work more efficient & that’s what Rob Prideaux, San Francisco product photographer, wants to illustrate for us.

With an eraser times three and a high speed oscillating motion highlighter stand that does the job with a push of a finger, you can analyze a report or three within minutes and maybe even stay late to finish a year worth of work.

Rob Prideaux, Office Overperformance, conceptual, photography, cool, office supplies, still life, product photography, San Francisco, photographer

All images courtesy of Rob Prideaux

Check out more of Rob’s work – he shoots pacifiers on fishing hooks + fire hearts + shopping bags with speakers + foil covered lipsticks + dissected frog parts + other amazing visuals you can see on his website


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  1. that is so cool, i had never heard of this work!
    p.s. thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!

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