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Behind the Scenes on Instagram

I am a huge fan of bts (behind the scenes) photos and almost never skip out on posting them from my photo shoots. Lately I have been working on quiet a bit of still life and with that, of course, comes in-depth research of the best work out there. By still life, I mean the amazing cosmetics styling you see for Sephora campaigns, the always original Louis Vuitton laydowns, and the food dishes in spreads of magazines that do not fail to make you drool.

Instagram is one place I look for inspiration, so here are some of the best still life photos I found on IG:

New shave kit. #stilllife #razor

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#bzzzz #bts #food #styling

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Doing Makeup Blindfolded

Something fun to try in the future: do a friend’s makeup blindfolded. It looks so much fun; I couldn’t help but laugh at the long raised eyebrows and mascara dabs on cheeks and eyelids. I’ve enjoyed quiet a few of Pixiwoo’s video tutorials and watching this challenge took me back a little.

You do not really realize or remember how hard it is to apply makeup precisely until this video. I completely forgot those days because I also draw, so my hand is rather steady. But there was a time way back then I absolutely could not line my lips. It brought me back to the days I played with makeup and did looks nearly as ridiculous as this one:

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January 15, 2013 · 10:13 pm