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Urbane Renewal: Neiman Marcus shoots in San Francisco for Spring 2014

Walter Chin ran around San Francisco to photograph “Urbane Renewal” editorial for Neiman Marcus Spring 2014. Where was I when this was shot? I would’ve happily jumped in as an extra. Saskia De Brauw looks amazing in the very familiar to me landscape.  From China Town to The Golden Gate to The Pier I love how the city has been captured.

saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-2 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-8 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-7 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-11saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-13saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-20saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-9saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-1 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-3 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-4 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-5

You can see the full editorial in Neiman Marcus’ The March Book page 82 to 100.



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“Fight For What You Want” for Tantalum Magazine

New editorial I styled is released in Tantalum December 2013 Issue 28. Check out the full story here!


December 7, 2013 · 10:17 pm

Exhibition: Graffiti & Fashion

Graffiti & Fashion what an exciting mix. So many things come to mind: colors, paint splatters & dynamic compositions in an urban environment. Orly Ruaimi, however, brings new visuals to this concept. In her exhibition on December 5, 2013 in a San Francisco gallery, she is showing her latest selection of jewelry, yes I said jewelry, along with her abstract paintings that she translates into jewelry design.

Orly Ruaimi, jewelry designer, San Francisco, abstract painting, graffiti and fashion, fashion, exhibition, art gallery, fashion art,

Cannery Gallery 112 
2301 Leavensworth St
San Francisco, CA 94133

Reception 5:30
Video demonstration 6:30

Orly Ruaimi, jewelry designer, San Francisco, abstract painting, graffiti and fashion, fashion, exhibition, art gallery, fashion art,

Facebook Orly Ruaimi Jewelry Design

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Shoe Contortionist: Kristina Lewis

At first glance, the skeletal structures sculpted by Kristina Lewis, the San Francisco-based artist, look nothing more than mysteriously mirrored shapes. When you look again, you start to notice buckles, straps and insoles, and start to make out ladies’ favorite fashion item – shoes. Cut, twisted, glued are a pair of heels which are contorted into eco-sculptures.

If you are holding on to a pair if heels which you know you will never ever wear, maybe you should give Kristina a ring. She will find a great use to your neglected pair.

Ice Slip, Kristina Lewis, shoe sculpture, shoe art, fashion art, San Francisco artist, SF art, high heels, shoe art, mirror image Kristina Lewis, shoe sculpture, shoe art, fashion art, San Francisco artist, SF art, high heels, shoe art, mirror image Kristina Lewis, shoe sculpture, shoe art, fashion art, San Francisco artist, SF art, high heels, shoe art, mirror image  Kristina Lewis, shoe sculpture, shoe art, fashion art, San Francisco artist, SF art, high heels, shoe art, mirror image

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Knitwear Cool: Micaela Greg

If you’re wondering where to look for your new favorite sweater, Micaela Greg is the place. The San Francisco-based label started by two sisters Marie and Karen Potesta make being comfortable cool. This designer knitwear is made with finest Italian yarn and can be recognized by its geometric patterns varying in color & texture, as well as the over-sized relaxed fit.

Fall/Winter 2013 campaign & lookbook were shot by amazing fashion photographer Danno Watts. It couldn’t have been a better collaboration for this season.


I want to share some of my Favorite looks from the collection:


Navy Nile Cardigan here & Shell Pullover here


Grey Refraction Sweater here & Burgundy Fragmented Fingerless Gloves here

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Online Store Launch: Justin Jamison

On Monday, September 16th, Justin Jamison, a San Francisco menswear designer, launched his new online store.

The redesign is impeccable – it parallels with the brands aesthetic – Modern, Minimal, Progressive. A scroll over an  item gives you another colorway, if available, and a star at the bottom adds it to your Wishlist. If you’re most absolutely needing what’s in store, just click on an image and you can get your sizing and color in the shopping cart.

In addition, the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is ready for PRE-ORDER!!!

Justin Jamison Online Store launch, San Francisco designer, Menswear fashion, mens style, modern minimal progressive, Renata Gar stylist

And with the new launch, of course there is a perk. You can become a PREMIUM Customer and enjoy 20% off on all regularly priced items for life. All you have to do is sign up on the mailing list and create a free account on But hurry!!! You have to be one of the first 100 subscribers!

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San Francisco Boutique Shopping

There’s a new way to shop San Francisco boutiques all in one place. You don’t have to go on an all-day adventure to pick up a outfit, and then accessories on the other side of SF. You can lounge in your favorite chair and shop local boutiques online via Boutiika.

Ugh the downfall of shopping online..I also hate waiting for my order to ship, because by the time it gets to my house, my shopping excitement is already over. But guess what, with Boutiika you receive your goodies within hours. If you place an order by noon, with Dash Delivery you will get it anywhere in San Francisco before 5 p.m. Other than satisfying your impatience, it’s perfect for fashion emergencies when you have an evening event and nothing to wear. They sell anything from clothes to home goods to accessories.

I got this cute handmade clutch by Peggy Wolf from Half Hitched Goods through them and I love love it.

Peggy is a fashion illustrator from Germany. She is a one talented artist and since I cannot get one of her original illustrations yet, I got her handmade clutch with bright yellow pattern. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on her amazing art piece called Glamour.


P.S. The Dash Delivery is free this week until August 31st. Don’t miss out!

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Justin Jamison FW 2013 Collection

It’s time for the fellas to get ready for Fall with Justin Jamison – a San Francisco based menswear designer.

Justin Jamison draws inspiration from architecture and describes his design aesthetic as progressive urban-wear.

Justin Jamison Look 13 FW 2013 menswearLook14




Although we are barely refreshing our closets for Fall, Justin Jamison is all ready for Spring. Check out his Spring Summer 2014 collection here.

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Model’s Closet: What You Should Absolutely Own

Working in fashion for more than three years now, I cannot stress enough about what models need to bring to photoshoots. I often get the question of what to bring and the day of the shoot the most important things are missing.

As a stylist, I outline these must haves for all models.

1. Always have a few pairs of “photoshoot” shoes

Heels are a must have. Buy a pair of nude, white and of course black heels. For black, have a closed toe and open toe for variety. Also another good pair of shoes to have is boots. Yes, plain old military style boots. If you’re going to be doing some casual shots, they add an edge to your look.

2. Keep photoshoot-only undergarments

Nude bra, I repeat nude bra! You would be surprised how many girls don’t have one. It is the safest color to have when wearing pretty much any color, especially if the garments are a bit on the sheer side. Don’t forget a strapless one either and seamless thong to match it. Bra straps and underwear lines are a pain to photoshop and some photographers wouldn’t even bother to spend that much time on it. So make sure you have appropriate undergarments, or you can ruin otherwise stunning shots.

3. Loose/button down clothing & sport sandals

Always come to a photoshoot in clothes that are easy to slip out of. After hair and makeup prep, you do not want to ruin your look that took an hour or so to perfect. A button up or loose clothing that you can take off through your hips helps avoid that issue and makes makeup artist’s and hair stylist’s life that much easier.

4. Beauty mask

When it’s time to a change into your first look, sometimes you cannot avoid having to put the garment through your head. Using a beauty mask, which is pretty much a netting that zips up on your head, is a safest way to put clothes on. It allows the hair and makeup to stay in place, and protects clothing (that can be 1,000’s of dollars) from makeup stains, which in some cases are impossible to remove.

5. Clear non-scented deodorant

Deodorant marks are not fun to remove from pulled garments. And also, marking clothes with Old Spice or Peaches & Cream Secret scents is also not a good idea. The best option is to have a clear non-scented deo, so no one even knows you’re wearing some.

And last but not least,

6. A cool tank or a tee

Sometimes a photoshoot wraps up quicker than expected and there’s some extra time to do another look. Take advantage of it! Pull out your favorite top and ask if you can do some portraits against a wall or a simple background. For a model portfolio, simple is beautiful.

Whether you are working with a stylist or not, these are the essentials to have for any photoshoot. If you actually are working with a stylist, find out their contact info to ask what you need to bring that day. But always have the essentials, because a lot of times a stylist would assume you know the basics and only mention specific items for a look. Do not expect them to outline this in the email. They’re doing a lot of prep before the shoot and writing out the whole list might not be something they have a chance to do. Make a checklist for yourself and use it before a shoot. At the end of the day, you want your photos to look amazing and your preparation plays a huge factor.

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Bringing Concept to San Francisco

I finally made it out to Aether – the coolest concept space on the Hayes Valley block.


The concept boutique is constructed from 3 shipping containers, one stacked on top of the other. The aesthetics are impeccable and even more fascinating in person.

Watch below how it was built, and of course, head to the corner of Hayes and Octavia to see it for yourself.

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