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Menswear: Breath of Fresh Air

I’ve never followed menswear as heavily as I follow womenswear during Fashion Weeks. The reason is simple: majority of the clothes are similar to one another. As Katie Eary said,

“Cannot wait to get the f**k out of Paris. Same every season! im a designer get me out of here!” on Twitter.

I shared the same frustration. And after a while, you just stop paying attention. That is until you see this:



Katie Eary‘s collection set tone for what’s new fresh and exciting. It sure does have a dark fall-winter-wear feel, but the patterns bring a whole twist that isn’t expected on the runway for the season. However, she is not the one only who brought A game on the runway.

Kris Van Assche‘s collection screams for attention. He did show in Paris, but stood out in a whole new light.

All I have to say is – sportswear! Literally.





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Prada SS 2012 Japanesque

Japanese fashion has been surrounding me lately. Even Prada shows its take on japanesque trends with the platform shoes you can see in the SS 2013 show. Thought I was never going to mention it, but I wore platform sneakers when I was 8: navy leather with blackĀ foam core sole and a touch of white detail. Seeing platforms on the runway brought me back nostalgia of my beloved shoes which I wore down to the ground.

I am, surprisingly, loving the crinkled socks the models are striding in. Platform shoes on top of the geisha sock look futuristic and comfy at the same time. The soft-leather socks continue from the platform of the shoe and create a boot, but with a light-weight feel. Poppy flower appliques are also among of my favorite details from the collection. The little flowers not only add a spin on a Baroque trend, but also add a cute factor to the look

(Images via style)


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