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Print Paradise: Mary Katrantzou

London is full of creative energy, especially, in fashion. Let’s take a closer look at a designer undeniably mastering the art of using prints in a fresh innovative way, Mary Katrantzou. The placement of the prints is immaculate and each season it’s a new themed spectacle. Her fan-base is of all ages, shapes & sizes and the niche she is exploring is only bringing a larger audience.

This is her most popular look for the 2014 Spring season:

Mary_Matrantzou_Spring_2014_RTW_Collection_amazing_print_designer_London popular

The storyline for the collection is SHOES – girls’s most prized possession.

Mary_Matrantzou_Spring_2014_RTW_Collection_amazing_print_designer_LondonMary_Matrantzou_Spring_2014_RTW_Collection_amazing_print_designer_London 2

One of my favorite collections up to date is Spring 2011. Mary Katrantzou used interior design as an inspiration to this line. The models  were wearing trompe l’oeil images of rooms with chandelier necklaces & fabric extensions serving as curtains.

Mary_Matrantzou_Spring_2011_RTW_Collection_amazing_print_designer_London 10Mary_Matrantzou_Spring_2011_RTW_Collection_amazing_print_designer_London 6

Mary_Matrantzou_Spring_2011_RTW_Collection_amazing_print_designer_London 13Mary_Matrantzou_Spring_2011_RTW_Collection_amazing_print_designer_London 11

For this Fall/Winter season, there was a heavily-discussed diversion that everyone saw in Katrantzou’s style. It’s much darker and sultry than her previous collections.


However, you can hear Mary Katrantzou’s defense and explanation of the collection in this interview. She doesn’t think there’s a diversion and this collection is still very much HER in the aesthetic sense. She talks about her Fall 2013 RTW Collection and touches quiet a bit on inspiration, design process and industry secrets  in a very welcoming & candid manner.

Her designs are definitely dominating my Prints Pinterest board. I might even have to edit some out!



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Ashish: Funk You

Another designer who doesn’t make cookie-cutter garments. Every season his collection screams FUNK YOU. And that’s the reason why I adore him.

Ashish Gupta describes his style, “Sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins.”

Ashish SS13 Collection I'm Serious sequin sweaterAshish SS13 Collection geek chic sequin sweater trend with sneakers

Ashish SS13 Collection polka dot sheer skirt with a button upAshish SS13 Collection geek chic crewneck sweater tunic with sneakers and frames

From AW 2012:

Ashish peace sign tunic shirt dress LFW Rainbow flatformsSport Chic Ashish designer LFW Ying Yang sequin shorts

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Menswear: Breath of Fresh Air

I’ve never followed menswear as heavily as I follow womenswear during Fashion Weeks. The reason is simple: majority of the clothes are similar to one another. As Katie Eary said,

“Cannot wait to get the f**k out of Paris. Same every season! im a designer get me out of here!” on Twitter.

I shared the same frustration. And after a while, you just stop paying attention. That is until you see this:



Katie Eary‘s collection set tone for what’s new fresh and exciting. It sure does have a dark fall-winter-wear feel, but the patterns bring a whole twist that isn’t expected on the runway for the season. However, she is not the one only who brought A game on the runway.

Kris Van Assche‘s collection screams for attention. He did show in Paris, but stood out in a whole new light.

All I have to say is – sportswear! Literally.




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