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Aver Report Intermission: SHOES

Here’s a quick intermission from a series of Aver Reports covering 2014 Spring trends. Being a shoe-a-holic, I got inspired to share my favorite-est shoes. Even had to make up a word to show how much I love them.

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Bernhard Willhelm X Camper Shoes

slides, fashion trend, amazing shoes, fashion shoes, Renata Gar, trend report, menswear, mens shoes, mens accessories

Kris Van Assche beige sandals, Kris Van Assche sneaker sandals S10

slides, fashion trend, amazing shoes, fashion shoes, Renata Gar, trend report

Givenchy floral sandal, Céline leather slides S13




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SS 14 Aver Report: Painter

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SS 2014 runway designers from left to right: 1. Diane von Furstenberg 2. Céline 3. Prada 4. Giorgio Armani 5. Kenzo 6. Prabal Gurung 7. Chanel 8. Jeremy Scott

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“Fight For What You Want” for Tantalum Magazine

New editorial I styled is released in Tantalum December 2013 Issue 28. Check out the full story here!


December 7, 2013 · 10:17 pm

Aver Report: Trousers

Trousers! Wide Leg Trousers. As wide as they want to be. As baggy as they want to be. As chic as they want to be. As pleated as they want to be. As minimalistic as they want to be. As many in your closet as you want to have

trousers, wide leg trouser, trend, spring 2014, fall, 2013, chic, outfit, look, style, what to wear, trend report, Renata Gar, Aver Report

Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 2Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 3 Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 4 Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 5 Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 6

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Crazy About Sweaters

Sweater season is here! What can you be crazy about, other than comfortable, but at the same time, chic addition to your closet? This year the boring old sweater was redesigned into a fashion must-have.

In this Aver Report you can follow the knit revolution and make your wish list for the cold days. Enjoy!

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Get Your Plaid On

The crave for checkers and tartan is on its high for Fall 2013. You don’t have to go gritty grunge, or maybe sometimes you do, to wear plaid. There are plenty of practical ways to dress it up or down.

In this Aver Report you can see how designers style plaid in their collections and how they’re worn in the streets. Enjoy!

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On Michael Kors & Originality

As fashion circles around to our favorite eras – the roaring 20’s, the rock & roll 50’s, the disco 70’s – we get to see reinterpretations of well known designs without the limits of copywrite laws. Free culture of fashion allows the style to live everlastingly: give us a break and make us fall in love again. Although that is a prized aspect of the industry, it isn’t without drawbacks.

Nonexistence of patents in fashion opens doors for brands to knock off others designs. However, the true fashion lovers note the copycats. Like a fashion photographer Kimisa Hao, who put together a matching game to reveal Michael Kors “original” designs’ stark similarities to the likes of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Céline, and Martin Margiela among others.

But how much of the design is actually copied? Sometimes just the silhouette, other times every single detail. Look for yourself here. Match Michael Kors cards to other designers and then you can judge for yourself.

Michael Kors Matching game copycat designs

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Overdue Designer Obsession: Katie Eary

This year has been a great one: from watching emerging trends to discovery of this amazing gem. It was an unexpected, but a pleasant discovery. Katie Eary is my inspiration of the year.

She took street fashion and twisted it with luxury. Skating and roaming around the streets never looked so glamorous. The best part is that Eary designs still have that raw edge. No matter how many furs are piled up on top of crocodile leather, it’s still very wearable and fits right in place that pop culture had open for her.

The video demonstrates that and more. I need not say more

Katie Eary A/W 2012 directed by Vicky Lawton

Her SS 13 Collection is on a lighter note with baroque prints meshed with marine motifs.



Of course there’s something for the women as well


See her full SS13 Collection here

One day I hope to pull some of her garments for one of my shoots. It would be the best styling experience ever. Until then, I, among many others will scream of joy at my computer screen.

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Prada SS 2012 Japanesque

Japanese fashion has been surrounding me lately. Even Prada shows its take on japanesque trends with the platform shoes you can see in the SS 2013 show. Thought I was never going to mention it, but I wore platform sneakers when I was 8: navy leather with black foam core sole and a touch of white detail. Seeing platforms on the runway brought me back nostalgia of my beloved shoes which I wore down to the ground.

I am, surprisingly, loving the crinkled socks the models are striding in. Platform shoes on top of the geisha sock look futuristic and comfy at the same time. The soft-leather socks continue from the platform of the shoe and create a boot, but with a light-weight feel. Poppy flower appliques are also among of my favorite details from the collection. The little flowers not only add a spin on a Baroque trend, but also add a cute factor to the look

(Images via style)


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