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Urbane Renewal: Neiman Marcus shoots in San Francisco for Spring 2014

Walter Chin ran around San Francisco to photograph “Urbane Renewal” editorial for Neiman Marcus Spring 2014. Where was I when this was shot? I would’ve happily jumped in as an extra. Saskia De Brauw looks amazing in the very familiar to me landscape.  From China Town to The Golden Gate to The Pier I love how the city has been captured.

saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-2 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-8 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-7 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-11saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-13saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-20saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-9saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-1 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-3 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-4 saskia-de-brauw-by-walter-chin-for-neiman-marcus-spring-2014-5

You can see the full editorial in Neiman Marcus’ The March Book page 82 to 100.



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Aver Report: Trousers

Trousers! Wide Leg Trousers. As wide as they want to be. As baggy as they want to be. As chic as they want to be. As pleated as they want to be. As minimalistic as they want to be. As many in your closet as you want to have

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Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 2Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 3 Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 4 Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 5 Trouser-Aver-trend-Report-fall-spring-2013 6

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