Sandal Vandal

Let’s talk more about sport sandals / slides / flip flops. They went from the lockers to the runway to the streets. Besides the good ol’ Nike and Adidas slides and the Birkens, designers and retail labels took their stab at it. They look comfortable and fabulous all in one.

Here are a few affordable pairs you shouldn’t miss:

sandal vandal

1. Zara, leather sandal with metal detail, 79.90  2. Matchesfashion, Ancient Greek ‘Niki’ Sandals, 155  3. Senso, Iris, 220  4. Zara, black sandals with straps, 59.90  5. ASOS, Far side sandals, 46.30  6. Net-a-porter, Kenzo, Palm tree-print leather wedge sandals, 295  7. Topshop, Fever poolslide sandals, 60  8. Topshop, Fang double buckle flatform sandal, 80  9. Senso, Igloo, 199  10. Matchesfashion, Isabel Marant, Holden cross-front slides, 510  11. Senso, Ida II, 239  12. Topshop, Fang double buckle flatform sandal, 96

More style inspiration & tips:

Sandal Vandal Pinterest



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3 responses to “Sandal Vandal

  1. Slip on perfection! I will have to invest in a pair this season. ;D

    ❤ Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development

  2. I love that this trend has made a comeback, the more sandal styles the better

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