Silent March for Margiela with H&M in San Francisco

Saturday, November 10th was the day. The day I silently walked Haight-Ashbury among everyone dressed in all black with a white aprons reaching below the knees. Although I did not carry a sign, a few people within my group did. And we marched without saying a word, not even to the curious bystanders who followed us with their eyes directing multiple questions towards us. The event was not only intense for the viewers, but also tiring to be a part of


My eyes are so watery from the cold and we are not even half way done with our route. It was an interesting campaign and it reached every main street in the city.

As for the Margiela capsule collection, I might be picking up a few items:

Aside from the design looking like it has cat ears, the idea of the trompe l’oeil tattoo on the skin is very cool. It can either be dressed up or dressed down due to the street element it carries.


The oversized pant is a nice digression from boring business clothes. It can spice up your going-to-work look. Not sure how it looks on, but from the images I am loving them. And look at that bodysuit, so deceiving! Along with the candy wrapper clutch, altogether the look is visually interesting. I can see these pieces in an editorial already.


The rest are other things that caught my eye, but I am not sure I would buy. I guess I just have to wait until the opening day, November 15th, to see what products I actually pick up.


See you on the opening day!

Images courtesy of H&M


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